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Black and White Made Easy
In this tiny little tutorial you will learn how to turn your images to black and white and adjust the levels to make it look right.
Let's Get Started:
1. Ok so I'm sure that you already have your image open so first you will need to select Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate.
2. You will now have a not so great looking black and white image like the following.
3. Ok so the last thing we need to do is adjust the levels. Select Image -> Adjustments -> Levels from the file menu bar. Ok so this part I cant help you out to much with. Each person has a different idea of what the image should look like. From this window drag the three pointers around till the image looks right to you. This will take a little practice, but I will show you what my choices were for this image.
4. Ok you're done. Just for good measure I will show the the before, middle, and after of the images we worked on.
You're Done! Enjoy this new little tool we've placed in your arsenal.

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